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Træfpunkt® meeting points are made for children. Here, they can play, learn and do all kinds of things – and meet lots of new playmates as well! Being bored is simply not an option! There is treasure to be hunted, kites to be flown, sweets to be made and countryside to be explored. Our hosts make sure that no-one is bored and that everyone can participate – girls and boys, big and small.

Træfpunkt® is not just for children, but for all the family! The centres arrange activities, excursions and natural treats tailor-made for our Træfpunkt® centres. All the activities are for all the family and are run in both Danish and German. The reason for this is that we want as many people as possible to join in!

There are 9 Træfpunkt® meeting points in Danmark.

  • Blokhus
  • Thy
  • Henne Strand
  • Rømø
  • Odder
  • Juelsminde
  • Fredericia
  • Sønderborg
  • Odsherred

Both Træfpunkt Fredericia and Træfpunkt Juelsminde has a website in English. Træfpunkt Fredericia has also a brochure in English. Click the flags on the map of Denmark to read more about the Træfpunkt meeting points.


Træfpunkt map